Safety Awards


Excellence in Occupational Health and Safety:-Mr Anthony Jones, Faculty of Built Environment


Excellence in Occupational Health and Safety:- Mr David Hair, Faculty of Science

Highly Commended
James Brown, College of Fine Arts
Paul Gwynne, Faculty of Law


Excellence in Occupational Health and Safety
Amber Tye, School of Mathematics


In 2007, the safety awards were rolled into the UNSW Professional and Technical Staff Awards. This staff reconition scheme is coordinated by Organisation and Staff Development Services (OSDS).

Award Winners

The joint winners of the 2007 award for Excellence in Occupational Health and Safety are:

* Tresne Owen, Computer Science and Engineering
* Tigger's Place Child Care Centre, Division of the Chief Operating Officer


The UNSW Staff Safety Awards were launched in 2006 to promote and recognise Excellence, Innovation and Leadership in occupational health and safety within the University.

The awards, which are open to all UNSW general and academic staff, included a prize of $2,000 in 2006.

Award Winners

The names of the winners in each of the three categories of Staff Safety Award in 2006 are:

Category One: " Best solution to an identified workplace health and safety issue":

Alexander Litvak, School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering, Faculty of Engineering

Category Two: " Best contribution by an employee, team or OHS Committee/Representative to workplace health and safety":

Skye Erin Owen, School of Computer Science & Engineering, Faculty of Engineering

Category Three: " Outstanding leadership in workplace health and safety by a manager or supervisor":

Professor Richard Henry, who was nominated for his previous position in the Faculty of Medicine

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