Wellbeing is about balance.It is about how well we balance our lives not just at work but at home as well. And is more than just Physical wellbeing.
UNSW aims to provide UNSW staff with a range of resources and information to promote an active, healthy, happy and productive workplace.  Below is a range of healthy lifestyle information including details on the facilities available at the uni, activities staff can participate in and ways to achieve work/life balance.  There is also other useful information and web-links on health and wellbeing topics.

Physical activity in the workplace
Sedentary behaviour (i.e. too much sitting, as distinct from too little exercise) is now understood to be a significant health risk and a major contributor to obesity and chronic diseases such as type II diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease
Active employees are productive employees. This guide encourages physical activity in the workplace
EIM Workplace PA Guide

 Wellbeing resources  
Monthly activites and events
R U OK  Day Thursday the 15th of September
 General health issues    
Physical Activity
Workplace equity
Mental Health
Free and confidential counselling for UNSW staff, including manager assist for managers.
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 Weight Management