Health & Safety Online Reporting

The new online reporting system is here.
To report a hazard or incident log into myUNSW and click on the H2O logo.

One of the main advantages of online reporting is that it will enable the tracking of corrective actions and escalation of items remaining unresolved.
It will also provide feedback to the person who took the time to report the hazard and hopefully encourage much more reporting of hazards before they cause harm to others.
NOTE: myUNSW times out after 20mins therefore if you have not saved your report you will have to complete it again.
And when searching for Staff you need to put the surname first and then the initial of the first name with no spaces between the comma (For Example Smith,J)

Guide to Online Hazard & Incident Reporting

HS003 Incident Investigation Guide
HS713 Guide to reporting hazards and incidents
HS714 Supervisors guide to dealing with reported hazards and incidents
Video guide for online reporting system

Paper Reporting Form

The paper report form will be phased out but if you are having problems with online reporting you can still use the paper form  HS001.

Feedback to the HS Unit